Digital brand transformation of Northern Horizon

Northern Horizon


Real Estate, Investment

The new look elevates a visual communication while expressing who Northern Horizon evolved to be and where they stand today - industry leaders. We embarked on a comprehensive rebranding project, delivering new identity and digital presence.

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Brand Strategy

Visual Identity Development

Logo Design

Website Design

Website Development

CMS Integration

The Client

Northern Horizon is an investment fund, delivering long-term value to investors, stakeholders and society through healthcare and other specialised real estate investment strategies.

Company faced the challenge of an outdated look that failed to engage its modern audience. In a world where digital interaction is key, they needed a strategic overhaul to stay competitive and serve their clients efficiently.

The Story

To renew the look, we carefully mixed Northern Horizon traditional values with fresh, modern ideas. Company had a strong past and clear plans for the future, guiding their overall strategy.

We took these elements and reflected them in updated visual identity. The new logo was created to encapsulate their current status in the industry and forward-thinking mindset.

The Result

Our efforts culminated in a comprehensive overhaul of the Northern Horizon website. Integrated advanced analytics offer deep user insights, enabling us to make constant informed decisions that drive user engagement and satisfaction.

Alongside the main one, we developed the site to one of their funds - Baltic Horizon. It mirrors the sophistication and functionality of Northern Horizon, reinforcing the connection between the two.

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