Passionate team of creators driving meaningful digital change. Together.

We believe that mutual trust and collaboration form a necessary foundation in pursuit of something unique and lasting.



United in passion and friendship, each a master of their craft



Collaborative learning sessions that enlighten and inspire



Events that have brought us closer together while having fun



Defined by continuous growth and pursuit of design excellence

Key principles — Key principles — Key principles



Our approach to transformation shapes everything we do, driving us to explore new ideas and learn. Flair embodies this spirit, adapting and evolving with each project to push the boundaries of creativity.



Our bond goes beyond work, with mutual respect serving as the foundation of our teamwork. Engaging in active collaboration and celebrating each triumph together, we strengthen our collective success.


Pursuit of Excellence

Excellence isn’t just a goal - it’s our standard. We constantly aim for perfection, making sure every project lives up to the highest quality. Our commitment to top-notch design is firm, and our drive to go above and beyond is consistent.



Driven by a deep enthusiasm for digital design, we approach every project with energy and commitment. This ensures we’re always engaged and excited about our work, resulting in a mindful approach to work-life harmony.

Team of visionaries eager to shape your next success story

Martynas Šileikis
Saulius Aleksa
Co-Founder, Partner
Arnas Jonikas
Co-Founder, Art Director
Pijus Aleksandravičius
Co-Founder, Creative Director
Petras Nargėla
Co-Founder, Senior UI/UX Designer
Gintaras Elmonas
Senior UI/UX Designer
Monika Nacickaitė
UI/UX Designer
Brigita Burlingytė
UI/UX Designer
Vincas Staudė
UI/UX Designer
Emilija Dryžaitė
Brand & Logo Designer
Evelina Germanovič
Brand Designer, 3D Artist
Karolina Sragauskaitė
Senior Project Manager
Edvinas Ališauskas
Project Manager
Danielė Janulytė
Project Manager
Gytis Jonaitis
Lead Illustrator, 3D Artist
Rytis Jonikas
Illustrator, Motion Designer
Ieva Repečkaitė
Illustrator, Motion Designer
Jonas Galdikas
Lead Front-End Developer
Justas Dobrovolskis
Front-End Developer
Agata Semionovaitė
Office Administrator

From our clients - their stories of success

"Flair has been a valuable part of our mission for more than 4 years and still going. Without their input I don’t think our product would be where it is today. Very smart people that are easy to work with and understand us very well."

Boian Videnoff

CEO & Co-Founder at Enote

"Team at Flair has brought us a new face – the one that we desired. Our new logo, branding, and website truly replicate our values, and set a precedent for the quality services that we have provided and will provide in the future!"

Danielius Stasiulis

CEO at Startup Division

"We came to Flair with a vague concept and after two calls they had everything figured out. We loved the web app, but the iOS app took the cake. Now all of our partners know about Flair - we will recommend them to everyone, as we believe their quality of work is perfect."

Alexandre Benoit

CEO & Co-Founder at BeeMyBee

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