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Web3, Security

Lossless set out to enhance security in the blockchain space, and our partnership has been essential since day one. We helped Lossless transform a promising concept into a practical tool that is today recognized for preventing hacks and protecting assets, contributing to a safer crypto environment.

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Brand Visual Identity

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The Client

Lossless has made a name as a reliable protector in the web3 world, creating innovative ways to keep digital assets safe. Their tools not only prevent theft but also help get back funds lost in cyber attacks, strengthening the safety net for cryptocurrency dealings.

The Story

Our partnership began with a brand creation that laid the groundwork for their journey. After securing the seed funding, the second challenge was to create the flagship product, called Lossless Protocol. As the company grew we continued to support their expansion, contributing to the design of new products.

This ongoing evolution culminated with the new branding, enhancing Lossless's reputation for leadership in web3 security.

The Result

We crafted a brand essence that conveys the depth and resilience of advanced security solutions. The website we designed mirrors this, also presenting each of the products in a manner that's intuitive and accessible. We are thrilled to see Lossless witnessing remarkable success, establishing itself as a trusted name in web3 security and setting a new standard for digital asset protection.

Seed Funding


Raised through a private sale round led by DAO Maker

Protected Contracts


Including any addresses that own large amounts of liquidity

Scanned Transactions


Community-driven monitoring of suspicious on-chain activity

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